All dogs are walked in a countryside location be it in woods, fields or local country parks where they will be socialised to walk with other dogs and stimulated to play or just sniff around.

GROUP WALKS – £10 per hour

Your dog will be picked up in small groups of no more than 6 dogs and will be walked in selected parks for an hour of fun in a safe and stimulating environment. During this walk your dog will get lots of attention and exercise

All dogs will be walked on a lead until the walker feels the dog is ready for off lead and will only be off lead with signed permission

Dogs will be assessed by us in a couple of solo walks to assess temperament, obedience and recall to be able to join one of our group walks.

Toys and treats provided.

NB. At the end of each walk your dog will be towel dried to the best of my ability before returning home but please be aware dogs will get wet and muddy in these walks

Walks available in morning / lunchtime and afternoon for 1 hour. (Approx 10am / 12am / 2pm subject to pick-up / drop off times)

Group walks are only available for dogs over 1 years old, neutered and with good temperament, obedience eg. recall, get on well with other dogs and do not wander off.

Dog’s vaccinations must be up to date and proof must be shown at free welcome visit.


Available for small dogs.


We can walk your dog in holiday season if you are away and have left a family member to look after your house but can’t manage to walk your dog during the day due to work commitments.

If you have a planned event at weekends / theatre / meeting up with friends for a meal etc. but you can’t take the dog we can walk the dog, feed it and look after if until you return. Please get in contact for more info and price.

HOME / VISITS – £7 for 30 minutes

Keeping your dog’s normal routine. We can visit for whatever reason your dog is at home whether sick or elderly, nervous or a pup to feed and water, toilet relief, quick walk ,play or just some t.l.c.

Walk length and speed is tailored to dogs own needs and ability to make sure they get a sufficient amount of exercise during each visit

PUPPY VISITS – £5 for 15 minutes / £7 for 30 minutes

Puppy visits to play and explore while they get acquainted with a walker to join in group walks, toilet relief, some basic training and walk them to get used to the noise and environment around them and some socialising with other dogs and humans in passing.


A safe alternative to boarding in your own home. Your cat will be safe, happy and stimulated on your return


Consists of 40 minutes to clean bowls, refresh feed and water, refresh cat litter and clean up any mess made by your cats or where I have been working and administer medication. Any time left will be for play, stimulation and some t.l.c.

Cats can be let out / in. Toys and treats provided.  Each visit will be tailored to your own pet’s needs and requirements.

Also included in visit security measures to your home e.g. curtains opened / shut. Security alarm on / off. Mail securely moved. Bins put out etc.

During my visits I will take photos / videos of your cats and will keep in touch with you while you are away by text or e-mail / WhatsApp etc.? As we all know you miss your cat/s and need peace of mind they are doing fine.


Consist of generally a morning and evening visit of the same above for 20 minutes each time at times agreed by pet owner.


We also offer a quick visit to feed your cat, refresh water, clean bowls and refresh litter. Let cat in / out etc.

All prices cost the same for any amount of cats.

SMALL PET VISITS – £7 for 30 minutes

Consists of feeding, watering, cleaning bowls and refreshing bedding where necessary and some petting and t.l.c.

PET TAXI – £10 per hour

Available before 10am and after 4pm to pick up/drop off pets at vets/groomer. Customer permitted to travel in van with pets.

Call today on 07597 958 381.